Irib TV 2 is a state TV station owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Irib TV2 has programming similar to Channel 1, consisting of mini-series, comedies, movies, children's shows, talk shows, and news broadcasts.

IRIB TV2 live

IRIB TV2 (Persian: شبكه دو‎, Shibkâh-e Du, lit. Channel 2) is one of the 40 national television channels in Iran. It broadcasts to the Persian-speaking areas of the Middle East and is headquartered in Tehran.

It was the first television channel established after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting decided to introduce the channel as a result of Iran's growing population, intending to make it a complement to the already-established IRIB TV1. The channel has a variety of programming similar to IRIB TV1, including miniseries, comedies, children's shows, talk shows, news broadcasts, and original television films.


Fitile Jome Tatile

Sandali Dagh

Varzeshe 2

Pedar Salar (1993)

Hamsaran (1994)

Saate Khosh (1994)

Dar Panahe To (1994)

Khane sabz (1996)

The Forbidden Fruit (2007)

Dasdasi (2012)

Good, Bad, Ugly (2015)

Hidden Government (2015)

Hanieh (2015)

Kimia (2016)

Eight and a half minutes (2016)

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